Cast Blast & Relax

Welcome to your north idaho ADVENTURES

CBR is here to ensure you and your family make the most out of your Idaho vacation. 

Visit us at the Beaver Bay Recreation Area during the 2022 summer season! We will have a concession stand with necessities, snacks, water floaties, and fishing tackle.

About Us

We help create lifetime memories

At Cast Blast and Relax we offer the best quality equipment to locals that want to try something new, tourists who want to explore, and vacationers who want to relax. 

We Provide You Best Activity & Unforgettable Experience

We offer rentals in Athol, ID. These can be arranged for meet up, drop off, or by visiting Farragut State Park.


We’re happy to help. Our goal is to make it easier for visitors to navigate our beautiful mountains and deep, clear waters. 

We’ve got you!

Giving You The Best Experience

At Cast Blast and Relax, we know how blessed we are to live in God’s Country. We get to live these experiences every day. We want to help you fall in love with North Idaho while exploring and recreating. We have so much to do in the Athol area when it comes to being in our local woods and on our waters.

We Make Outdoor Recreation Easy

Farragut State Park is the place to go. We'll be there to help you find the best activities.

Get to Know the Area

We want you to have the best North Idaho experience. CBR will help you experience all of the “must dos” while here.

Rent Premium Products

We offer you or your entire family the finest outdoor products from bikes and kayaks to fishing gear and SUPs and everything you need to enjoy these throughout the area.

Cater to All Adventurers

We cater to visitors who want to explore our breathtaking sites, something in the woods or on the water.